In Italy (as in many other places) there is a State accreditation system, so degrees and titles are regulated by state law. Chartered professions (including those of engineers) are also regulated by a state law ("D.P.R. 5 giugno 2001, n. 328"): in brief, to practice those professions you have not only to possess an accredited degree but also to pass a State exam.

I hold a "Laurea in Ingegneria" (BEng level) in Electronics since the year 2003 and also got a "Master di primo livello" in ICT security; I passed State examination and became a member of the "Albo degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Bologna" (Engineers Institute for the Province of Bologna, n.6575/B).

Being this title protected by civil law it is the most recognizable of all technical qualifications.

Professional Profile

I am an IT consultant and contractor since 1993 and I work in the areas of (1) the design, development and operation and (2) security of information systems. I am constantly monitoring the evolution of this subject from the dawn of the internet era to today, as I demonstrated in 1999 with the publication of some of the first articles on electronic commerce in Italy and on some technologies (such as Microsoft ASP, XML and others) that were emerging technologies at that time and now are well established Industry Standards (see below).

I am a consultant and this has been my only profession since the days of the University, and I carried out assignments from major multinational Corporates such as Tetra Pak, Culligan, CB Richard Ellis, Marchesini, CRIF Group and Mapei Group, and also had many positions in SMEs or companies with minor visibility. I have acquired a nearly two decades awareness in the DEVELOPMENT field, having been professionally involved, often very deeply, in database, systems and computer software design and having been using, since 1997, a wide spectrum of technologies, from free software tools to, mostly notably, Microsoft tools. The many years passed have put me in the position to deal with encryption and obfuscation in the manufacture of both secure and security code, often using techniques as white box testing, black box testing and the reverse engineering. Finally, working in complex projects, I have become familiar with quality assurance tools (HP Quality Center and Axosoft OnTime), documentation (Sandcastle) and governance, not to mention knowledge of methodologies (XP and Scrum) and architectures (Design Patterns in antipatterns) related to software design.

I also carried out many consultings on the legal side of the SECURITY field, and particularly on privacy and information security for major companies such as Bentini SPA, BSD SPA, Elettronica Biesse SRL, Zanhotel SRL, Manfredini & Schianchi SRL, LDB SRL or for web agencies like Hotminds SRL, Web and More SRL, and many others (about 40 customers from 2004 until today). I also held other positions as a consultant on computer crimes having been expert witness in either civil or criminal proceedings and working closely with several law or accounting firms (Mazzacuva, Onofri, Martini, Vancini, Taddei, Roversi, and more). In general, I support my strong professional vocation with the ability to make reliable and realistic assessments, with autonomy and proactivity in making decisions, in taking the relevant responsibilities and finally in reporting or documenting the work to clients, users or other staff members.

In recent years I have conducted a significant research in industrial and technological innovation and I have been rewarded with several public awards such as the grant from the Spinner 2013 Consortium (sponsored by ASTER, Alma Mater Foundation and Invitalia) and with the admission for two consecutive years as beneficiary of the contributions of the We Tech Off Consortium (sponsored by the ASTER and the Ministry of Economic Development) for conducting innovation activities in the ICT sector. The latter path has allowed me to gain significant knowledge in the field of intellectual property defense either in technical sense or in legal-economic sense (software protection, patenting and writing the relevant claims).